IUCN Palette

Make your plots with the official colours used by the IUCN according to their style guide.

I wanted to give a bit more on the package I made for using IUCN palette colours in in R. I built this as I wanted to do just that, align the data I was representing with the official colours of the IUCN. The framework for the package was the Wes Anderson package which made this fairly simple for me. I built some additional features to it though as people would be more likely to need only select colours.

All colours: `iucn_palette()`

The additional features are passed as arguments to the main function ‘iucn_palette’ where you can exclude certain colours (exclude the colour for ‘Extinct’ for example), or where you can select to just use one (select only ‘Endangered’).

Select colours: `iucn_palette(exclude=c("DD", "NE", "CO"))`

Single colour: `iucn_palette(category="EN")`

The names follow the IUCN two-letter codes and can be retrieved by names(iucn_palettes)

Practically, if you’re only using one this isn’t that different from putting the hexcode yourself, but the package does allow you to easily switch between them and access these colours when you need.

I used this to make a simple graphic in another post as well.

You can find the source code for the package here.

Written on February 13, 2020